About the workout and program

The workout program

The Fitwall program is designed to fulfill all of your fitness needs. Every workout is a blend of strength, cardio and flexibility training and challenges your entire body. Each day of the week is completely different from each other, and has a specific emphasis which is shown in the diagram below.

The workout program illustrated

The seven different workouts are repeat for a three week period so that you can improve each successive week. Then after those three weeks, 7 new workouts are started.

This program makes it so that you don’t have to go to a studio for cardio, a different studio for flexibility, and yet another for strength training. We do it all.

In addition to making sure you get all the strength cardio and flexibility training you need, we also make sure we train your body in a complete and functional way. Your body is made to move in many ways, not just sitting on a spin bike or running on a treadmill! Your body is made to move in space, not be stuck on machines. That is why we move your body in all the ways it is capable of.

Fitwall elements illustrated