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The Future of Fitness

Prepare for 40-minutes of fun and innovative training that combines world-class coaches with the latest in technology for the most effective and efficient workout possible.

World-class experience at the intersection of fitness and technology.

Push yourself, track your progress, and see results in real-time.

Your data in the "cloud" available for you to view and share 24/7.

Our proprietary algorithm provides actionable information that drives results.

The best fitness experience in the world – in only 40 minutes.

Our fun, 40-minute workouts adjust to match your fitness level, resulting in incredible athleticism as well as quick changes to muscle gain and fat loss.

Experience fitwall

Training that's safe and efficient

Personalized attention from world-class coaches (8:1 max ratio).

Use only your bodyweight, which reduces the risk of injury.

Complete experience: activation, balance, caloric burn, decompression, efficiency.

"Top 10 most innovative companies in fitness."


It's time to

Train Smarter.