Activation, Balance, Caloric Burn, Decompression and Efficiency

The science behind Fitwall's full-body interval training

Fitwall delivers Activation, Balance, Caloric Burn, Decompression & Efficiency. Fitwall's high intensity interval training (HIIT) delivers the A--->E in every session. Exercise physiologist Jeff Collins, former President of US R&D for Polar Electro, and an accomplished athlete himself, has been studying Fitwall at the Welltech Human Performance Lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has produced a series of white papers and videos that explain the science and power behind every Fitwall workout.


Fitwall activates hundreds of muscles—from big dominant ones to small specialized ones.

Activating and integrating these muscles pushes your body further than most any workout.

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Fitwall requires your brain and body to coordinate more effectively during sets of interval training.

Fitwall trains your core in an organic way, promoting balance and symmetry in your body and movement.

Fitwall also highlights the natural imbalances we all have in our musculoskeletal system, enabling us to make powerful corrections in real-time.

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Caloric Burn

Fitwall workouts – via increased muscular activation, multijoint compound movements and carefully designed interval programming – are designed to bring about the highest caloric burn possible.

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We spend our lives compressing our bodies, sitting for hours, pounding the pavement and exercising through abusive methods.

Fitwall decompresses the structure of the body by removing typical structural loading and emphasizing muscular loading instead.

It leaves your body refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Fitwall's research-based programming and expert coaching deliver the most efficient interval training session imaginable: strength, cardio and flexibility in just 40 minutes.

We are giving you your time back.

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It's time to

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